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All your personal details are collected in strict compliance with the law n ° 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on Confidence in the Digital Economy: with your prior consent, after registering on the mailing list or following the getting one or more products offered.

All information relating to your account can be changed via the profile page.

All information regarding your account and your account itself should under no circumstances be sold, data exchanged with third parties under penalty of permanent ban.

The advertisements are strictly forbidden on the site under penalty of termination of your account. Only links to screenshots (screenshot) and YouTube links are allowed. (Any other external link will be removed with a warning)

The shoutbox is a place of exchange, so no service above proposal.

After three warnings you will be banned from shoutbox.

The site allows you to get various applications. These are sold as is and we do not guarantee compatibility across platforms.

The applications sold are not refundable after getting it, so any dispute after the payment will be solved by a ban on the site and the prohibition of the use of our applications.

Apps are tied to a single computer therefore once got they can only be used on one machine, one on which it is opened.

These confidentiality rules may need to change.

Will not reduce your rights under this privacy rules can not be applied without your express consent.

We will post any changes to the Privacy Policy on this page and, if it would be significant changes, we will post a warning highlighted.

Earlier versions of this Privacy Policy will be archived and made available to users.

If you spam/flood it on the site, you may be banned.

If you lie about us and our apps you can be banned.

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